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"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”–Mother Teresa

In February of 2022, a high school sophomore named Nikhil Sampath reached out to DAPS about volunteering. Specifically, Nikhil wanted to teach people with Parkinson’s disease how to make origami. Nikhil’s passion, energy and genuine desire to help others is second to none. Nikhil describes what led him to DAPS, “When I was 11 [years-old], my grandfather passed away, leaving a kernel of grief in my heart that remains to this day. After his passing, I vowed to use my grief and my intimate understanding of the struggle Parkinson’s disease patients and their families go through to make a positive difference in the world, a motivation that directly led to my work with DAPS.” (To read Nikhil’s full story, click here and go to page 5.)

As Nikhil began to share his story and how it related to Parkinson’s disease, an idea was born: The Community Tulip Project. With Nikhil’s help, guidance and initiative, origami tulip workshops were held around the Dallas metroplex, including a virtual workshop to reach those around the country. The goal was to create origami tulips as the tulip is the international symbol for Parkinson’s disease. After 900 origami tulips were made from those across the area and the world, a local high school volunteered to make wreaths out of the tulips. A total of 4 wreaths were created, representing:

  • 8,100 people in Dallas County living with PD

  • 4,150 people in the City of Dallas living with PD

  • 3,000 people living with PD in Collin County

  • The solid red wreath of tulips represents 164 people that are diagnosed daily with Parkinson’s disease in the U.S

​Those that participated in the Community Tulip Project include:
DAPS Semones YMCA Group
DAPS Duncanville Group
Belmont Village Senior Living Turtle Creek
Good Shepherd School of Addison
Eloise Lundy Recreation Center
Residents in Lewisville
Residents in Fairview
Residents in McKinney
Residents in Dallas
Residents in Maryland
Residents in India
PAM Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Richardson
Rock Hill High School

How Can I Participate? 

DAPS serves as both a resource to the community and a voice to increase awareness and understanding of Parkinson’s disease. You can help us spread awareness, understanding, and compassion by displaying one of our Community Tulip Wreaths at your place of worship, work, school, business, or organization. To be a part of our Community Tulip Project, and learn more about how the project can help people in your community, please contact us at or 972-620-7600. ( Dates are limited and available on a first-come-first-serve basis.)

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