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Dallas Area Parkinson Society invites you to join us for our Fourteenth Annual Non-Event, honoring Parkinson's Awareness Month April 2022. 


Who was (or is) your favorite superhero? Would you recognize a superhero if they weren’t in costume? When not in costume, Peter Parker is a typical guy struggling with some of the same things we all face – the loss of his aunt and uncle who raised him and romance trouble. Or in Clark Kent’s case, a nerdy journalist with a hard time making friends. We understand and relate to WHO they are underneath the costumes, not necessarily because of their cool stunts and outlandish rescues. We root them on in the face of adversity, hurt for them when the villain appears to be winning and look to them for inspiration.

For this year’s Non-Event, we invite you to join us in pretending to be your favorite superhero. It is also our hope that you recognize those around you affected by Parkinson’s disease as superheroes. We all have our struggles in life that create varying degrees of fear and discomfort. Superheroes are faced with fears and threats too. It’s their reaction to the fear that resonates for us.

Sound familiar? It should because if you are reading this, you are a superhero. Some days your cape may look a bit dull and frayed on the edges, but that does not diminish your superhero qualities. Despite the condition of your cape, you keep putting it on over and over and over again. So let’s unite as superheroes to fight the villain, Parkinson’s disease, with community, connection, compassion and courage.



The Non-Event is an excursion into our imaginary theme. We ask you to join in the fun of a playful journey; no need to schedule flights, buy tickets, pack a suitcase or clear your calendar. Just jump into your Superhero mindset and enjoy. Non-Event is also the largest single fundraiser that DAPS conducts every year and is critical to meeting our annual needs. This way, DAPS can continue to provide FREE essential services to people impacted by Parkinson’s disease.


DAPS provides funding for many types of exercise classes, speech therapy, support for families and caregivers, dancing, non-contact boxing, educational events, and more for those with Parkinson’s disease. Your gift helps us support these programs and makes a tremendous difference in many lives.


• Go online to

• Call the DAPS office at (972) 620-7600 with your credit card information.

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