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KEEP MOVING! Symposium - Presentations

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

What are the Stages of Parkinson's Disease?

Explore and download the Keep Moving! Symposium presentations by clicking on the files below!

"Movement, Exercise, and Fall Prevention for Parkinson’s Disease"

by Stephanie Gil

StephanieGil, PT,DPT 10_30 - 11_15Asbury-Movement, Exercise, and Fall Prevention
Download PPTX • 15.71MB


"Sleep Disoders in Parkinson's Disease"

by Juliana Atem

Juliana Atem, NP 12_15 Shipp Chapel
Download PPTX • 3.11MB


"Apathy in PD: The Role of Positive Psychology and Meaning"

by Bradley McDaniels

Brad McDaniels, PhD, CRC 1_15 Asbury -Apathy in PD_ The Role of Positive Psychology and Me
Download • 132KB


"NORTH TEXAS QIGONG - Healing Through Energy"

by Martha Fiddes

Martha Fiddes
Download PDF • 245KB


"Nutrition and Dietary Tips for Parkinson’s Disease"

by Faye Elahi

Parkinson Symposium, Faye Elahi-Dallas 2022
Download PDF • 41KB


"Overview of Parkinson Disease"

by Mazen Elkurd

KM Dr Elkurd2022 Slides
Download PDF • 2.29MB

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