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Why Become a Member?

Annual or monthly membership provides you with abundant resources, throughout the entire Dallas metroplex. Monthly GEM membership OR an annual membership offers you:

  • Access to all classes, at any location

  • Access to zoom classes, 6 days a week

  • A monthly e-newsletter with new information on treatments and help for living with PD

  • Access to our monthly Educational Series at 4 convenient locations

  • A community of compassionate people who are also learning to live with PD. DAPS offers 2 membership options.


For those that prefer monthly auto payments, you can become a GEM. (Someone who Gives Every Month - at any level that fits into your budget.). For those that prefer an annual membership, you can choose which level you prefer below and use our online credit card form or mail a check. However you chose to become a member, DAPS appreciates your support in helping us serve the Parkinson's community.

DAPS GEMS-01.png


Dallas Area Parkinson Society (DAPS) GEMs are donors who Give Every Month. Our GEMs are very valuable!

DAPS provides free programs and services to all people affected by Parkinsonism disorders. Monthly donations are vital for funding these services.


 Your gift of $100 or more per month will pay for two speech classes per month.

Gems - DAPS.png

Your gift of $75 per month will pay for one care partner support group each month, led by trained professionals.


Your gift of $50 per month will pay for one exercise group per month – enhancing strength, balance, and community for people with PD.


Your gift of $25 per month will go towards one Dance for Movement Disorders class every month – a musical alternative for regular exercise.


Your gift of $10 per month will provide funds for exercise equipment for people with PD.

For those that prefer an annual membership, please click below for more information. 

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